Rob Weryk is the Guest of Honour for our meeting December 15, 2017!

Dr Rob Weryk is a Western University PhD in Physics & Astronomy and now a researcher for the PanSTARRs project at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.
He will be talking about “The Discovery Circumstances of the First Interstellar Asteroid.” Rob discovered this object in October with the PanSTARRs survey telescope, and the object is now named ‘Oumuamua, a Hawaiian word for “messenger from afar.”

Partial Solar Eclipse in London Ontario Monday August 21

The partial eclipse begins on the right side of the Sun’s disk just after lunch, at 13:07. Soon after this you will notice the black bite out of the Sun. Maximum eclipse occurs at 14:30, when 75% of the Sun will be blocked by the Moon’s disk. The Sun will be back to normal by 16:10 as the Moon moves off the left side of the Sun’s disk.

The RASC London Centre will support the event at the campus of Western University if you would like to have a fun and safe chance to view the partial solar eclipse. Continue reading “Partial Solar Eclipse in London Ontario Monday August 21”